Carers Advice

“A carer provides unpaid support and care on a regular and substantial basis to a family member or friend who would not be able to live independently without them due to frailty, illness or disability.” – Carers Bucks

If you are please let us know so we can ensure you are receiving the support and care for yourself that you are entitled to. You can register as a carer online via the form below:

Carers UK

They’re here to make sure that no matter how complicated your query or your experience, you don’t have to care alone.

Telephone: 020 7378 4999


Other Support

There is an abundance of information on the NHS website about about carers and caring. Locally there are also a number of networks and charities available for carers, as well as a wealth of support available directly from The Allan Practice.

Local Support for Carers

Carers Bucks

Carers Bucks supports unpaid carers and young carers in Buckinghamshire aged 5-95+. They provide advice, information, emotional support and workshops and training.

0300 777 2722 |

Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia charity. They campaign for change, fund research to find a cure and support people lving with dementia today.

0333 150 3456 |

Bucks Stroke Support – Stroke Recovery Service

If you or someone you care about has had a stroke, Bucks Stroke Support Service can provide practical advice, essential information and emotional support. We’ll work closely with you to assess your needs, set your own goals and support you to achieve them as you recover. Our service supports people who are more than 6 months post the date of their stroke.

03003 300 761 |