Military Care Practice

If you are a veteran in need of urgent help, please click here for advice and support.

A veteran is anyone who has served for at least 1 day in the Armed Forces, whether as a regular or a reserve. This also applies to Merchant Navy seafarers and fishermen who have served in a vessel when it was being used for military operations by the Armed Forces. All veterans are entitled to priority NHS treatment for any condition related to their service. This includes veterans who do not receive a war pension. Priority treatment includes assessment, treatment, aids and appliances for conditions accepted as being due to their service.

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The Allan Practice is a Military Care Practice that, as signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant, strive to identify, support and inform military personnel and their families who are registered as patients. To fulfil the Covenant, The Allan Practice has committed to four measures:

  1. Identify: The Allan Practice guarantee that all military personnel and military families are identified and included on the practice's Veterans Register. This allows the practice to ensure military personnel and their families are recognised and offered appropriate services in a timely manner.
  2. Support: The Allan Practice will always have a dedicated Military Care Clinical Lead and Military Care Champion. The practice will work with military charities and local organisations to make sure that all staff members are kept up-to-date with the latest support and guidelines. Any military personnel requiring a referral due to their service will be referred to a military specific department where one is available.
  3. Information: The Allan Practice will make information regarding various aspects of military care easily accessible to patients and their friends, families and carers both in the surgery and on the website.
  4. Awareness: All staff members of The Allan Practice are trained in how to identify and support military personnel. The Military Care Lead and Military Care Champion will run an annual audit of successes achieved through being a Military & Veteran Friendly Practice and put in place a plan of action of the following year.