Viral Kindness

In a time of uncertainty, confusion and change, looking after ourselves and others has become more important than ever. On this page we have compiled a selection of resources, help pages, websites and happy stories that we hope will not only inform and help, but entertain and spread a little happiness!

The picture opposite is by Liz Harry Designs (@lizharrydesign). Used with permission.


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In The Local Area

Gerrards Cross Support Group: If you need support click the first link: 

If you would like to volunteer with GXSG follow this link: 

Bucks Businesses Offering Services during Lockdown:

Hiya Bucks have put together a list of local business diversifying to be able to offer their services to those in lockdown or quarantine. Many of the services also offer a 'gift' option if you would like to send a gift to someone stuck at home.

Happy Stories

BBC Feel Good Article:

The BBC have put together an article thread throwing a spotlight on some of the lovely things people around the country and doing to help each other, keep up moral and socialise during the pandemic.

Volunteers Coming Forward to Help the Vulnerable:

In the most unnerving of situations, people are coming forward to help others.

Children during COVID-19

Dave the Dog:

An intensive care nurse from Southampton has written a book designed specifically for children to explain the coronavirus in a way that doesn't seem too scary. The book is available to download and print via the link above.

Rainbow Windows:

A Viral Kindness motion that started in Edinburgh is slowly making its way around the country with people all over decorating their windows with rainbows.

The Maths Factor Free Maths Lessons:

During COVID-19, Maths Factor have made their online maths classes free for children.

Free Audible:

Audible (from Amazon) have committed to being free for children as long as schools are closed.

Learn a Language with Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta Stone are offering students three free months of membership to learn a language whilst the schools are closed down.

For parents worried about their children please click on the link below:

Advice for Parents During Coronavirus.pdf

Volunteer Opportunities

Viral Kindness Postcard Bid:

Started by a lady in Cornwall, the check-in postcards are a cheap and easy way to check in with your friends, relatives and neighbours.

Blood Donations:

Even during the pandemic blood donations are desperately needed. Extra safety measures have been introduced and blood banks are still going ahead. If you are healthy and well, click the link above to find your local bank.

NHS Volunteer Responders:

As you will have undoubtedly seen on the news, the NHS is hitting maximum capacity left, right & centre. Whilst retired doctors, nurses and paramedics are coming out of retirement to help out, you can volunteer to help out the NHS by helping with deliveries and patient transport.

The One Show Red/Green Cards:

The One Show (BBC) have created Red/Green cards to be displayed by vulnerable patients to indicate if/when they need assistance with things like shopping or prescription collection.

Keeping Busy During Lock Down


An engineer has decided to use the lock down to teach others about science through fun daily challenges. Follow the link above to get involved.

The Body Coach:

The wonderful Joe Wicks will be holding a P.E. class for children every day on his YouTube challenge whilst schools are closed to help keep children active. He has also created a mini-series for senior exercise classes.

Centr 6-week Free Trial:

Chris Hemsworth's team have made their online fitness services free for a six week trial whilst people are in lockdown at home.

Three Free Months of Guitar Lessons with Fender:

The first 500,000 people who sign up to Fender Play can receive three free months of guitar, bass or ukulele lessons at home.

Looking After Your Mental Health

Calm Meditation Guides:

Being stuck at home can be scary enough as it is, add to that an illness, it's okay to be frightened or anxious. Calm are offering a selection of their guided meditations for free.

Headspace Guides:

Headspace has made a number of their membership guides free for everyone to make use of during Covid-19.